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Name:Daniel Miles Cooper
Birthdate:Nov 8
Daniel Miles Cooper grew up as the son of a farmer in mid-1800s Charleston, SC. His family weren't wealthy plantation owners, but they had a good farm, and more than managed to make ends meet, with a little left over. They weren't the most politically active of families during the building tension between the Northern and Southern states, but when it came down to war, Daniel was determined to do his duty for his homeland. He ran away from home at the tender age of 18, leaving behind the girl he loved and the only life he'd ever known to serve as a soldier in the Confederate Army. He was injured far from home in Virginia during the Battle of Hatcher's Run, and brought to a makeshift military hospital where they thought he was going to die from his wounds.

One night, as he was lying there in pain, one of the nurses, who had spent a lot of time treating him, came to him, explaining that she was Kindred, and knew how he could be saved from death. But after further explanation of what the Kindred were, Daniel turned down her offer, convinced that he would get better and go home to marry his love and take over the family farm. But only days later, a letter came for Daniel, informing him that his family's farm had burned to the ground, signed with an apology from the girl he loved, who had apparently married in his absence. Heartbroken, Daniel begged for the Kindred nurse to be brought to his bedside, and that night, he accepted the Embrace.

The nurse, a "young" woman, who turned out to be a centuries old Gangrel, brought Daniel out into the wilderness, and to his horror, left him alone to fend for himself. He would only find out later that it was accepted practice among the Gangrel for a Sire to abandon his or her Childer in the wilderness to see if he or she would survive the night. And survive he did. Growing up on a farm in the South had taught Daniel how to find shelter (which would prove necessary when the sun rose), and how to hunt for food, and after some time, he began to realize that he had developed the ability to take on certain animal features when necessary, and even to communicate with the animals in the woods.

It was some time later, though Daniel wasn't exactly sure how long, before another of his Kind happened upon him, taking him under her wing to train him in the ways of their Clan. He was furious with his Sire for having left him behind, but the new Gangrel, a gypsy named Rachael, began to explain, making it clear that this was the way of their Clan, he was a bit more accepting. She taught him everything she knew, and during their time together, the pair carried on a heated sexual relationship as well. However, as is usually the way with Gangrel, they eventually went their separate ways.

Daniel spent a great deal of time travelling the country, growing more and more comfortable in his Kindred skin, and with the abilities that his Clan's blood afforded him. For some reason, eventually he came to live outside of New York City, just far enough out that he was able to keep in touch with the animalistic side of his Clan's nature by spending a lot of time in nature, but close enough that he was able to stay aware of the happenings in the City. Unlike many of the nomadic Gangrel, Daniel's history of being a soldier and fighting for the cause of the people and land that he loved afforded him a bit of loyalty to his newly chosen City.

When Benjamin Knight became the Prince of the City, it was with Daniel's support, as the two had become good friends when their paths crossed and a bit of conversation told them that Ben's father had been serving as a Union military physician at the very same battle in which Daniel was injured on the Confederate side. Years before, Daniel wouldn't have been impressed in the slightest, but this far removed from the American Civil War, it was hardly something that would keep the two men from becoming friends at this point. And when Benjamin became the Prince of the City, it was a natural progression that he would bring on Clan Primogens that he could trust, and that included Daniel.

Things have gone relatively smoothly, the Kindred of the City more or less satisfied with Benjamin as their Prince. At least until recently, when Ben's brother, Childer, and Ventrue Primogen, Eric, unbeknownst to his brother, forced his lover Logan Buchanan to Embrace a young fashion designer against his will. While this has yet to be revealed, it turns out that the new Childer, Asher Rose, is not only from Daniel's home city of Charleston, but is actually a distant relative, descending from Daniel's younger brother. How all of this will play out remains to be seen, considering that Embracing against one's will is a crime punishable by death.

In the meantime, Daniel remains loyal to his Prince, and serves as Primogen, much to the distaste of many of his Clanmates, who don't support the Gangrel remaining part of the Camarilla, and prefer to become an independent Clan.
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